Monday, 10 September 2012


Costume for Dance, June 21012

This is a speculative project.

Those are the sketches for the bodies in movements for a dance piece in ROH.
The piece had to do with desire and the yearning of the lover, so I wanted parts of the body to be visible and create a sensation of nudity without being naked. Practically I wanted the material (lycra) to hug the body and leave the dancers free to move as they were naked.


"Migratory Species"

This is a video I made for the Ma Scenography Exhibition CSSD 2012 for my project "Migratory Species". It talks about the displacement and alienation I experienced in London. Its dark, suffocating and claustrophobic atmosphere, symbolizes the difficulty and the hardness of the city. The sounds are irritating as it is a composition from sounds I took from the city, slowly adding them together in a city soundscape.(sound edited by Cecilia Calderon)



See through

The Model


Projected Shadows

Empty Cages

Prisoner 1

Prisoner 2