Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Displaced in London

This project consists of different experiments executed in the urban environment of London, in non places (according to Marc Auge), like train stations, cemeteries and parks. Using materials of the everyday life we created small interventions in the city aiming to surprise or just proposing uses of places, that one could not imagine, by unexpectedly shifting the visual imagery of a place.

Domestic Life

Experiment no 4, at a pedestrian road in Aldgate East

Urban Couching

Experiment no 3, Under the train railings, Aldgate East, March 2012

A Sunny Webbing

 Experiment no 2, at Regents Park, March 2012




Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Playing at Hampstead Heath Cemetery

Experiment no 1 - Hampstead Heath Cemetery, February 2012

Hapmstead Heath Cemetery
Dinner on a grave

Sunbathing on a rainy day

Valentine's Treats

Longlive Diet