Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"I am dying like a country"

The Project    "I am dying like a country"East 15, 24 July 2012

These are fotos from the production "I am dying like a country",   by Dimitris Dimitriades
East 15, 24 July 2012
Director: Anna Micheli
Actors: Jessica Hellmann     Ida Bonnast     Laura Wyatt O' Keeffe     Monika Linderman
Set Designer : Iro Micheli
Lighting Designer & Photographs:  Panayiotis Lambis

The Design

The country that the text talks about has specific characteristics. The basic element that defines it (her, as a feminine identity is attributed to the specific country, in Greek – the country is a feminine noun) is the earth, her soil. It is like the blood of a body; the ground of her people, the key ingredient. There are points within the text that the writer uses the earth as a symbolism to describe the weightiness of the country. 

For this play, I created a dirty, earthy, grounded, introspective, primitive design.
Soil was the material for this design, which I introduced to the rehearsals. The actors embodied the soil each one by her way. Apart from identity, soil symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and death. We are born from it and we die in it; the body and the material in absolute harmony. 



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